Security Screening & Vetting

Aim To introduce learners to the procedures for security screening as recommended by BS 7858:2012
Objectives: By the end of the session learners will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of security screening
  • List the information which applicants must provide for screening purposes
  • Identify information which must be verified to evidence a continuous record of career and history
  • Identify legislation which may affect the screening process
  • Explain how to keep records secure

Download Security Screening & Vetting Brochure

Course Contents

It will also cover the key players in the security industry, British Standards, Initial screening requirements, Setting up effective screening, Incomplete record of career and history and screening and the law.
The course is designed to allow staff to have a full understanding of what is required in law to screen and vet new and current staff.
The need for professional, accurate screening of prospective employees is derived from the needs of the business and the industry. Whilst the SIA investigate the criminality and identity of prospective employees, they do not check their personality or work ethics

The course culminates in a 20 question MCQ and the pass mark is 16/20

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