ELCAS Funded Level 3 Education and Training

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training, which has replaced PTLLS, is an introductory, knowledge based teaching qualification which can be undertaken by individuals who are not yet in a teaching role (pre-service), or are currently teaching (in-service).

The qualification is suitable for individuals who:-

  • are not yet in a teaching role (pre-service)
  • are in a teaching role, or who have just started a teaching role (in-service)
  • want a short qualification
  • have the potential to study at this level, which has the same level of demand as that of study for A-levels
  • want a qualification with a minimum teaching practice requirement

Course Length

4 days plus 12 hours course work.


Portfolio of Evidence.


Successful candidates will receive a Level 3 Award in Education and Training


Price £500

Sadly our ELCAS Courses can only be booked via phone so please call us on: 0844 330 2479 or use the form below

ELCAS Funded Level 3 Education and Training

Course Contents

Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

  • The teaching role and responsibilities in education and training
  • Ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment
  • The relationships between teachers and other professionals in education and training

Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training

  • Inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training
  • Ways to create an inclusive teaching and learning environment
  • Planning inclusive teaching and learning
  • Delivering inclusive teaching and learning
  • Evaluating the delivery of inclusive teaching and learning

Facilitate Learning and Development for Individuals

  • Principles and practices of one-to-one learning and development
  • Facilitating one-to one learning and development
  • Assisting individual learners in applying new knowledge and skills in practical contexts
  • Assisting individual learners in reflecting on their learning and/or development

Facilitate Learning and Development in Groups

  • Assisting individual learners to identify their future learning and/or development needs
  • Facilitating learning and development in groups
  • Assisting learners to reflect on their learning and development undertaken in groups
  • Assisting groups to apply new knowledge and skills in practical contexts

Understanding Assessment in Education and Training

  • Types and methods of assessment used in education and training
  • How to involve learners and others in the assessment process
  • The role and use of constructive feedback in the assessment process
  • Requirements for keeping records of assessment in education and training


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